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As a General Contractor, Keen Builders is here to bring your dreams to life, whether that means renovating or expanding your current home. We understand the market, acknowledging that now might not be the optimal time for a custom build and we get it. We specialize in turning your vision into reality, catering to the current trend of remodeling and expanding homes. Let’s reimagine your driveway leading up to the front entryway, anything on the interior of your home and to creating useful outdoor living that fits your needs. Let's work together to transform your space into the dream home you've always imagined.

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Our Foundation

As a progressive Custom Home Builder and General Contractor in Charlotte NC - we have taken the tools that we have seen streamline the commercial building industry and have modified it to work in the residential industry. Using this cutting-edge technology to predict pricing and materials down to the very last nail. Thus. giving our new homeowners and renovation clients a more accurate pricing breakdown for their new construction needs and stay within their building budget.


“Keen Building is a fantastic builder, and we highly recommend utilizing them for your remodel and new build projects! The home we purchased, the inspector said it was the cleanest and best built home he has ever inspected (20+ years in the business). We've been living here for a few months and super happy. Go with the Keen team for all construction needs!”

Jessica H.


4412 Park Road. Charlotte, NC 28209


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